Upper Buitigue SRIP

Project Title                               : UPPER BUTIGUE SMALL RESERVOIR IRRIGATION PROJECT

Location                                   : Paracelis & Natonin, Mt. Province

Fund Source                             : GAA

Implementing Agency                : NIA

Water Source                            : Siffu River

Required Discharge                   : 2.526 cms

Project Classification                 : National Irrigation Project (local fund)

Region                                      : Cordillera Administrative Region

Province                                   : Mt. Province

Municipality                               : Paracelis & Natonin

Design Area                              : 1,830 hectares

Farmer-Beneficiaries                  : 732 farmers

Objectives                                :

The Upper Butigue SRIP generally aims to provide sustainable development in the rural areas by improving agricultural productivity in the support of the agricultural development program of the government.  

Specifically, it aims to:

  1. To boost agricultural production through the construction of irrigation and drainage infrastructures that will provide dependable supply of irrigation water to 1,830 hectares;
  2. To increase farmers’ income and upgrade their standard of living;
  3. To generate additional employment opportunities;
  4. To provide additional source of income through its hydropower and aquaculture potentials; and,
  5. To develop an organization that will play a major role in the operation and maintenance of the irrigation system.

Project Description:

            The Upper Butigue SRIP is a multi-year irrigation project programmed to provide irrigation to 1,830 hectares in four (4) barangays of Paracelis, Mt. Province. The project was proposed way back in the 1990s and was named by the proponents Upper Butigue SRIP, referring to the upstream area of Brgy. Butigue, Paracelis, the proposed site of the reservoir.

            The project’s main feature shall be a 33-meter high zoned earth-fill dam which shall be built along the water source, the Siffu River traversing Natonin, Mt. Province. When completed, the project which is the first of its kind in the province shall benefit 732 farmers and is expected to boost irrigation growth and food production in the province.

Estimated Project Cost              : P2,040,000,000.00

Implementation Schedule

            Starting Date                 : 2010

            Completion Date           : -              






Allocation (P’000)   





Scope of Work/ Components



Office building, access roads, canalization, pre-con


Financial Accomplishment (%)





Physical Accomplishment (%)





Cumulative Total Allocation as of CY 2014          : P94,485,330.00 

Allocation Balance from Estimated Project Cost : P1,945,514,670

Overall Physical Accomplishment                       : 6.47%