Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the offices of NIA-CAR Located?

        Click this Link NIA-CAR DIRECTORY


2. How do we request for (new, rehabilitation/repair, extension) irrigation project?

A resolution from a group of farmers, existing Irrigator’s Association or the barangay council may be submitted to any of the office of NIA in the region. It should contain the location of the proposed project, estimated area to be irrigated, number of farmer-beneficiaries and possible sources of irrigation water. The resolution may be endorsed by the barangay or municipal officials.

All proposed projects are subject to validation of feasibility study.


3. What is communal irrigation system (CIS)?

Communal irrigation systems (CIS) are small-scale schemes and constructed with the participation of farmer-beneficiaries thru their IAs. The operation and maintenance (O&M) of CIS is turned over to Irrigator’s Associations upon project completion.


4. What is national irrigation systems (NIS)?

National irrigation systems (NIS) are large and medium schemes and are basically operated and maintained by NIA. These includes the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System in Isabela and the Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (UPRIIS) in Nueva Ecija. In the Cordilleras, West Apayao Abulug Irrigation System in Apayao and Hapid Irrigation System in Ifugao.

Through the Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) Program, some parts of the responsibilities in the operation and maintenance of national irrigation systems are transferred to the Irrigator’s Associations. For more information, see IMT in the website.


5. What is private irrigation system (PIS)?

Private Irrigation systems are those constructed, operated and maintained by private individuals or groups with or without technical assistance by NIA or other government agencies.


6. What is the “Free Irrigation Service Act”

In February 2018, Republic Act 10969 entitled “An Act Providing Free Irrigation Service, amending for the Purpose Republic Act No. 3601, as Amended, Appropriating Funds Therefor and For Other Purposes” was approved by President Duterte.

The law states that “all Farmers with landholdings of eight (8) hectares and below are hereby exempted from paying irrigation service fees (ISF) for water derived from national irrigation systems (NIS) and communal irrigation systems (CIS)”