Project Title                               : ALFONSO LISTA PUMP IRRIGATION PROJECT

Location                                   : Alfonso Lista, Ifugao

Fund Source                             : GAA

Implementing Agency                : NIA

Estimated Project Cost              :  P1.31 Bililon

Water Source                            : Magat Reservoir

Required Discharge                   : 4.8 cms

Project Classification                 : National Irrigation Project (local fund)

Region                                      : Cordillera Administrative Region

Province                                   : Ifugao

Municipality                               : Alfonso Lista

Design Area                              : 2,300 hectares

Farmer-Beneficiaries                  : 2,800 farmers

Objectives                                :

The Alfonso Lista Pump Irrigation Project generally aims to provide sustainable development in the rural areas by improving agricultural productivity in the support of the agricultural development program of the government.  

Specifically, it aims to:

  1. To boost agricultural production at an increment of 16,856 tons annually through the provision of irrigation structures in the project area;
  2. To irrigate 2,300 hectares of farmlands that will directly benefit 2,800 farmers;
  3. To increase farmers’ income thru modern technology in farming to uplift the standard of living; and,
  4. To generate other income thru its hydropower potential.

Project Description:

                        The Alfonso Lista Pump Irrigation Project is a multi-year locally-funded irrigation project which aims to provide substantial and timely water supply for irrigation to agricultural lands in three barangays of Alfonso Lista, Ifugao. It shall draw water from Magat Dam Reservoir which will be diverted to the service area through the construction/installation of pump and pump house, transbasin/conveyance system, reservoir dam and canalizations (main canal of 7.91 km, lateral canals of 23.12 km) as well as a service road of 2.28 km. Also, the project has potential for hydropower development, when included in the program.