Accepting opportunities, saying yes to innovation and going for progressive country

Corewall and intake of the West Apayao Abulug Irrigation System in Apayao Province  #Photo courtesy of Apayao IMO

National Irrigation Administration helps very much in agriculture, the main source of food.  Amidst the challenges the agency is facing nowadays, NIA celebrated its 56th founding anniversary on June 21, 2019. This shows positive changes as we embrace modernization and proves that the agency is still strong providing its best to contribute to nation-building.

In line with the Build, Build, Build project of Duterte administration, the agency is also tasked to build structure that will help in developing irrigation. The making of Chico River Pump Irrigation Project (PIP) had been a significant event in the Cordillera region for it is expected to create more jobs and to supply water to the 8, 700 hectares benefiting thousands of families and Lapalap River Irrigation System in Barangay Bangao, Buguias for it is designed to irrigate to 25 hectares of vegetable farms benefiting 45 farmers. It has also been said that National Irrigation Administration will adopt the proposal of Department of Agriculture to build a solar powered irrigation system all over the country.  Indeed, a  nice move in approaching new technologies for  it helps in developing and increasing rice production and reducing the use of electricity.

The National Irrigation Administration is not only focusing on building irrigation structures but also on environmental protection. The program ‘’Greening the Philippines NIA  way, trees, water, life’’, an annual nationwide tree planting activity shows  a positive approach of the agency  to the  environment.  The agency gave value and care for water that supports irrigation source, good values and action that everybody should possess and support.

The theme “NIA 2019: Addressing challenges through modernization, meeting opportunities through innovation” shows a good response of the agency to the changing of time brought by modernization and new generations. It only implies that we should always be open in accepting opportunities, welcoming innovations and inventions as long as they are helpful in developing the nation. This includes the utilization of the newest technology, methods and information. Likewise as a whole, the officials and everyone should also be alert in implementing projects to avoid anomalies and corruption to address the arising challenges of the agency.

Indeed, the National Irrigation Administration is a strong organization that gives its best to provide the best in helping the economy and building the nation.  We should  then help each other and always participate to the good platforms of the government and adopt, embrace and accepts new ideas and innovation. As what the Duterte administration advocacies, let us go for positive change, go for positive results, and go for progressive country. #Alexander Digan-BSU Senior High School

Photo Caption: Corewall and intake of the West Apayao Abulug Irrigation System in Apayao Province  #Photo courtesy of Apayao IMO