“Addressing Challenges through Modernization, Meeting Opportunities through Innovation”

Engr. Benito T. Espique, Jr. and Ms. Grace A. Fanged hand over the certificate of appreciation and P5,000 cash to Ms. Grace Ann D. William for winning in the NIA Essay Writing Contest for the Regional Level.

               Tall buildings with shining glass windows and metal doors, thriving businesses and establishments. This is what most urban areas look like in the eyes of many. However, in the midst of made-up luxurious life of others lies the ignored and starving life of the unfortunate as well as the fast deterioration of nature. People are deprived of their basic needs while living in the crumbling walls of congested cities. These cities, once filled with big mountains and tall trees, are now drastically transformed by what we call modernization. On the other hand, some rural areas are thriving with abundant food production and are less crowded. Modernization has helped these provinces to advance in terms of agricultural technology; thus, residents are able to sustain themselves. As years pass, modernization has affected urban and rural areas differently. The inventions and modern creations should not only be focused on luxuries but also help alleviate poverty and hunger in the country.

                In most urban areas in the Philippines, we see high-rise buildings, five-star hotels, high-end and fast food restaurants in the streets. However, across these establishments are fragile wooden houses of the starving people surrounded by poverty, coupled with the dense population in the area. With so many people, there   is   shortage   of   food,  housing,   and    healthcare. Modernization has brought us smooth and advanced lifestyle but has delimited agricultural development because of numerous agricultural land conversion. Opportunities to improve this state are abundant, but they are mostly ignored.

                Modernization has caused the rapid conversion of agricultural lands into residential homes, roads and commercial establishments. This is both present in urban and rural areas which results to lower agricultural production but higher population to feed. Insufficiency of food and water is a main challenge our country is faced with because of our misuse of modernization and its technologies. However, we can transform this challenge through efficient and proper use of modernization itself.  Agricultural land should be preserved and production can be aided through innovative irrigation and modern technologies such as tractors and other machinery. National Irrigation Administration (NIA) could also increase irrigated areas by providing irrigation facilities and climate change resilient agricultural projects such as pump irrigation, drip irrigation and impounding irrigation systems.

                Our country is still developing and thus, it lacks wealth and technology advancement compared to other countries. Nevertheless, agriculture can be a great arm to our country’s own progression. Abundant agricultural production will not only feed the citizens but may also be exported to other countries resulting to greater funds for technology advancement. Our country’s population can also be an advantage instead of a handicap. Young Filipinos should be encouraged to take part in agriculture and as a result, open better opportunities of succeeding as a developed country.

                However, abundant ideas are nothing without one another’s support and real-life implementation. Innovation, the implementation of these ideas, is a great help to make Filipinos acknowledge the importance of agricultural technologies and food production.  This will open opportunities to fight hunger and poverty and thus, help the Philippines become more successful. As Bill Gates has said, “Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people”. #Ms. Grace Ann D. William/Student-Cordillera Regional Science High School

Photo 1 caption: Engr. Benito T. Espique, Jr. and Ms. Grace A. Fanged hand over the certificate of appreciation and P5,000 cash to Ms. Grace Ann D. William for winning in the NIA Essay Writing Contest for the Regional Level.

Photo 2 caption: Concreting of the main canal of the ongoing Marimay SRIP in Flora, Apayao #Drone Shot by Johnny Belagan